Published Articles

Submitted Articles

Kim, K.; J. Reager; D. Wiese; T. Farr,…and P. Rosen, Remote Sensing of Groundwater: Current Capabilities and Future Directions, submitted.

Liu, P.W.; J. Famiglietti; A. Purdy; K. Kim; A. McEvoy; J. Reager; R. Bindlish; D. Wiese; M. Rodell, and C. David, Nearly two decades of groundwater storage variations in California’s Central Valley from GRACE and GRACE-FO, submitted.

In preparation

Kim, K; J. Reager; B. Hamlington; B. Buzzanga; C. David and A. Sawyer, Global quantification of future saltwater intrusion vulnerability, in preparation.

Jankowski, S.; K. Kim; M. Sneed; J. Reager; C. Faunt, Mitigating regional subsidence using managed aquifer recharge: A modeling case study in the Central Valley, USA, in preparation.

Pradhan, A., K. Kim, D. Holder, K. Yun, Z. Liu, J. Reager, M. Turmon, V. Chandrasekaran, and A. Stuart, Interpreting water-level fluctuation and surface deformation trends in the San Joaquin Valley with multivariate Gaussian processes, in prep.

Yun, K.S.; K. Kim; A. Pradhan; J. Reager; Z. Liu; M. Turmon; A. Huyen; T. Lu; V. Chandrasekaran, and A. Stuart, Remote estimation of geologic composition using InSAR in California’s Central Valley, in preparation.

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